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These good times to fish and hunt this month are courtesy of Rick Taylor's PrimeTimes, the famous forecaster used by millions of outdoorsmen around the world. While both solar and lunar periods should always be considered, due to copyright laws only the lunar portion is shown here. For the complete forecast of fish and game activity for the entire year, including the best days, please consult PrimeTimes. 


The "Lunar Periods" section lists the times the moon is overhead and underfoot each day, which are usually the two strongest. The length of these periods can range from one hour to three-and-one-half hours, depending on a number of important lunar cycles, such as how close the moon is to the earth that day and how high its orbit is. The time around moonrise and moonset are secondary periods.
This data is based on solar/lunar research at a leading college of astrophysics and the PrimeTimes research pond/wildlife area. Annual data is supplied by the U.S. Naval Observatory. All lunar times are adjusted to the center of your time zone and for Daylight Saving Time.

Peak Times

       The Sun and the Moon are the two major sources of astronomical energies.  The closer they are to you at any given time, the stronger the influence.  Therefore, the fish will be more active and feeding on the day of a NEW MOON and FULL MOON which will provide the strongest influence each month.

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