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"Through my great Crappie sponsors, I have the privilege to speak at several different venues across the country at great companies like, Bass Pro Shops and the Grizzly Jig Company. As we move into the heart of the fishing industries seminar season, I have been speaking almost every weekend about crappie fishing."


   One of the number one crappie topics that everyone likes to discuss at these events is structure.  We all know crappie love structure; crappie fishermen have been throwing all sorts of miscellaneous items into the lake for years.  I myself have used just about everything you can image for crappie structure, over the last 20 years.  For the past two years, I have been using the MossBack Fish Attractors, and I have been blown away by the success that I have personally had with them. During my seminars, I’ve been asked multiple times about the advantages of the Mossback Fish Attractor.

   The biggest advantage I see is the way they are constructed.  The surface of the MossBack resembles the look and feel of real tree bark, which helps algae grow at a faster rate.  This helps attract baitfish alot sooner than slick PVC.  Another great feature in my opinion is the ease of assembly.  The branches simply slide into the base; no glue is used so you don’t have to worry about spilling glue on the deck of your boat.  This product has been well thought out by fishermen!

   Another question is about proper location. For the most part, in our home state of Missouri; the standing timber is still visible creating a great year-round spot for crappie to live in.  In the last 2 years we have had great success by placing a MossBack Fish Attractor next to the existing visible standing timber.  We have gone to our favorite trees and placed a MossBack about 10′ away from the tree. By doing this, it has allowed us to roll up to the tree, fish it, then turn and drop our jigs right down the Mossback.  To anyone watching, it may appear that we are simply fishing the tree because they aren’t aware of the MossBack we placed!  The MossBack mimics a standing piece of timber that is below the waterline, creating our own crappie condos!  This is a huge advantage to a crappie tournament angler like myself; its just like having your own spot!  With the new MossBack base, it ensures that the rack is standing up vertically, exactly the way I want it.

   One repeat question I have been asked over the last three weeks is, “Should the MossBack be placed in the lake vertical or horizontal?”.  With my experience, both ways are effective.  On our home water, we have had great success with both but the vertical positions seem to work best in deeper water, 10’ or greater.  The horizontal placement seems to work best when placed in less than 10’ of water.  The vertical placement has proven to be the best year round MossBack, and the horizontal seems to be a killer in the spring time for me.  Bottom line is, there is not a bad location as long as it’s in the Lake!

   The most important thing to remember, you won’t catch any slab crappie out of a MossBack Fish Attractor if you don’t purchase one yourself, and get it into the lake!

For more info on the MossBack Fish Attractor please visit:

Good fishing,
Kevin Rogers


Author:  Kevin Rogers.

Come Check Me Out On:
Facebook: Kevin Rogers
Twitter: @mrcrappie5
Instagram: KevinRogers5
YouTubeChannel: KevinRogersFishing
Name: Kevin Rogers
Hometown: Peculiar, MO.
Years Pro: 22 Years
Tournament Partner: Charlie Rogers
Home Lake: Truman Lake, MO.
Favorite Lake: Truman Lake, MO.
Boat & Outboard: Bass Cat – Pantera II, Mercury ProXS
Sponsors: Bass Cat Boats, Mercury Outboards, Midwest Marine, Gene Larew, Bobby Garland, Bee Ready Rod Holders, Pro-Angler Rods, Mossback Fish Racks, Fish Guardian, Juiced Up Baits and Hamby’s,
Accomplishments/Awards: To date we have won over 31 crappie tournaments in 5 different states. We won the very first Crappie Masters One Pole Ultimate Challenge, and were the 2011 Crappie Masters Missouri State Champs. We have qualified for eighteen classics in our career.

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