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"Chumming for crappie can actually increase your catch when you are crappie fishing at night."

  Chumming for crappie is a common practice that is often done when you are crappie fishing at night. This practice is often recommended as a crappie night fishing tip and is not illegal in most states. You should check with your local State's Department of Natural Resources to get your State's fishing regulations.
  There are numerous types & ways to set up a chum set when you plan on chumming for crappie. We only will be talking about one type of chum in our set up instructions today. Catching crappie at night can be very exciting if you use a chumming for crappie set up along with other important crappie night fishing tips. One common practice that has worked for me is to create a chum set that releases small crappie minnow fish guts slowly into the water around where you have your underwater crappie night fishing light set up.

Making Your Chumming For Crappie Set Up
  My favorite type of chum to use for crappie fishing at night is crappie minnow fish guts. You do not have to spend a lot of money for a expensive chumming for crappie setup, so you can make one for yourself with little expense. Get yourself about 4 dozen crappie minnows and crush them up into a pan like a baking pan so can save all the juices. Make sure they are crushed into small pieces. Next get yourself a 5lb coffee can and puncture holes all around the can and on the bottom about 1 to 2 inches apart. Next find a good size weight you can use for an anchor to be attached to a line on one and attached to the coffee can on the other end. The distance between the anchor weight and the coffee can should be between 18 and 24 inches. You want your can to suspend at different depths because the crappie may be suspended at different depths. You want the small pieces of fish guts and the blood juices to slowly dissipate into the water around where you have set up your crappie fishing at night under water light.
  Next, tie a line to the top of the can so you can lower your chumming for crappie setup into the water and tie it off to the side of your boat.  Fill up two or three freezer bags with guts and blood from the pan. Make sure you only fill the bag about ¾ full.  Attach the freezer bag to the bottom of the coffee can, make it does not come loose. Rubber bands work well for this. Now drop the can with your chumming for crappie set up over the side of the boat to a set depth. You may have to adjust this depth occasionally. Now you are all ready to catch some crappies at night.

Author: Mark Fleagle.  Check out Mark's website to get some amazing fishing information and fishing articles loaded with fishing tips that really works!

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