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Minnow-Rigging Tips to Use This Fall

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"The bah hum bug summer months are coming to a close.  Where fog hangs over the Lake Surface and Mother Nature with her paint brush is creating memories of lifetime."

The crappie getting restless and are starting to move where the water tends to be warmer hanging close to shoreline structures. With cooler water temps they are looking forward to fattening up for winter. Their pattern will vary in the area you live in, but this pattern will hold true from October thru beginning late November. One has the advantage as the cooler water temperatures make them more aggressive in their feeding habits.

Bottom Bumping Rigging

Method of where using a minnow in a vertically presentation in the exactly the right place is super deadly when done right.

Use 12 lb lines, the reason being you are going to get lot of hang ups. Tie 1/2-ounce bell sinker at the end of the line. About 18 inches above the bell sinker use No. 1 or No. 2 hook, or standard hook.  (Myself perfer to use standout hooks that the bait shops carry).

More Action From Minnows

Hooking them thru the tail. You want that extra action from your minnow which will attract more fish.

Too other fish, he is hurt and struggling to get away with back and forth motions.  This seems easy prey for the prey fish.

Hooking thru the lip, eyes are a no no.  Reason being that fish attact minnows head on.  Makes sense, if they were too try and swallow the minnow tail first the fins from the minnow would impale crappie paper mouths.  Think of it this way: you get a fish you grap the head first to keep the spin bones from sticking YOU!

Hooking them thru the spin, will kill the minnow quickly wasting your bait.

Check your local laws to make sure you can double up on your bumping rigging system.

The best way to present the rigging is hover over the location being presented vertically with 7-12 foot pole.  Ease the rigging in the water so the weight of the sinker does not spook the fish.  Casting is not recommended.   One should take their time to fish 100 or so yards should take anywhere from 1 hour to 11/2 hours to work.  If you do 100 yards say in 30-40 minutes you are working it too fast.  Slower the better, repeat slower the better.

Author: Bob Spare.

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