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Welcome to the most comprehensive crappie fishing site on the web!   Your one-stop source for crappie fishing information.

New!    The leaves are turning, temps are dropping, and the crappie are biting!  Fall crappie fishing can be some of the best all year, once you locate them.  If you’re willing to trade some of your tree stand time this fall, you can be rewarded with some nice stringers full of slab crappie.  The key to this amazing fall feed is location, and Mercury pro team member Kevin Rogers' article "Fall Feeding Crappie" will explain that as the biggest key to any successful fishing trip.
New!     Taking a kid fishing is a great way to spend quality time and an opportunity to teach kids about the diversity of nature. Fishing also helps kids develop better coordination skills without being overly strenuous, gets them outdoors away from television, video games, and from the stress and interruptions of everyday life.  This article shows how to "Catch a Memory of a Lifetime: Take a Kid Fishing".
New!   Don't forget to go to the bottom of the Articles/Tips page for some great "How-To" videos.  Fall is a great time to use live bait, so check this video on "How to Fish for Huge Slab Crappies with Live Bait" to help you catch some big crappies!
New!    With the water temperature and clarity changing from week to week, you need to understand how crappie exhibit specific behavior patterns in response to different water temperatures and degrees of water clarity.  Anglers who knows what to expect will have a better chance of catching fish regardless of conditions.  Here are the guides to help you pinpoint crappie year-round:  "Water Temperature Guide for Crappie" and "Crappie Angler's Guide to Water Clarity".
New!    The Rocket Bobber can be used by anyone from a novice on his first fishing trip to a seasoned veteran with many tricks and stories, and was designed with this flexibility in mind. "Fishing with the Rocket Bobber" has some tips to get you started.  Click here to order securely with PayPal.


New!    Fishing for Beginners 

We are proud to welcome this new addition to help the beginner fishermen with tips & tricks for all kinds of fresh water and salt water game fish that even the most advanced angler can learn and benefit from.  Be sure to visit there often for new updates on how to catch any fish, anywhere! 


driftmaster.gif always strive to provide crappie anglers and visitors the best possible products and tips to help you catch tons of crappie. We are very proud to welcome Tackle 2000 Inc. with their line of "Rocket Bobber". Of all the bobbers and floats that is on the market, we feel this is THE BEST, and most accurate, sensitive and versatile tool you can have in your tackle box. You can now securely order Rocket Bobber here or order through Tackle Click on the pic below to see the video of the Rocket Bobber presented by CrappieFishingUSA and Tackle 2000.







Welcome to the Most Comprehensive Crappie Fishing Site on the Web!