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Welcome to the most comprehensive crappie fishing site on the web!   Your one-stop source for crappie fishing information.

New!     Simply put, crappie love the shade that floating mats of vegetation provide on hot summer days.  Think of these shoreline weed beds as a restaurant with an all-you-can-eat buffet that sits under an awning along the busiest street in town.  "Go Green for Summertime Crappie" for some stellar opportunities at tangling with monster slabs. 
New!      Although it's an arguable matter whether live bait catches more fish than artificials, it's something to consider when the most successful guides won't leave the dock without it. This is because they realize that live bait attracts more and bigger fish, which in turn draws more customers. Whether you are an amateur angler or a professional fisherman, the type of bait you use can mean the difference between fishing success and failure.  "Using Live Bait for Crappie" often works when nothing else will.                   
New!      Summer crappie fishing is much different than fishing for Crappie in the spring. The main reason of course is the weather, more specifically the temperature of the water. As the crappie move to their summer homes, learn "How to Adjust for Summer Crappie Fishing" to help you find and catch some crappie after they moved from their spawning beds.
New!    It's a Saturday morning, the boat is in the water and you are heading to an area that has been producing crappie for weeks.  You get there and can't find the fish.  You go to other places where you've caught fish before and fish. "Where Did the Crappie Go?"  But don't give up looking for them.  They're there, they can't get out of the lake.  The bank stops them.  All you've got to do is find them.
New!    With the water temperature and clarity changing from week to week, you need to understand how crappie exhibit specific behavior patterns in response to different water temperatures and degrees of water clarity.  Anglers who knows what to expect will have a better chance of catching fish regardless of conditions.  Here are the guides to help you pinpoint crappie year-round:  "Water Temperature Guide for Crappie" and "Crappie Angler's Guide to Water Clarity".
New!    The Rocket Bobber can be used by anyone from a novice on his first fishing trip to a seasoned veteran with many tricks and stories, and was designed with this flexibility in mind. "Fishing with the Rocket Bobber" has some tips to get you started.  Click here to order securely with PayPal.


New!    Fishing for Beginners 

We are proud to welcome this new addition to help the beginner fishermen with tips & tricks for all kinds of fresh water and salt water game fish that even the most advanced angler can learn and benefit from.  Be sure to visit there often for new updates on how to catch any fish, anywhere! 


driftmaster.gif always strive to provide crappie anglers and visitors the best possible products and tips to help you catch tons of crappie. We are very proud to welcome Tackle 2000 Inc. with their line of "Rocket Bobber". Of all the bobbers and floats that is on the market, we feel this is THE BEST, and most accurate, sensitive and versatile tool you can have in your tackle box. You can now securely order Rocket Bobber here or order through Tackle Click on the pic below to see the video of the Rocket Bobber presented by CrappieFishingUSA and Tackle 2000.







Welcome to the Most Comprehensive Crappie Fishing Site on the Web!